PPC for Contractors

Have you found that you're not getting the leads that you desire? More importantly, have you found that you're not converting enough leads? If you're a contractor, our PPC services can get you fast results with great ROI.

Why PPC?

Whether you're an HVAC contractor, a plumber, a roofer, or any other type of contractor, you need to focus on growth.

At LiveWire Leads, we have experts who can work with you. A customized PPC marketing strategy can be a quick and efficient way to grow your business.

PPC, otherwise known as pay-per-click, has worked for a number of industries – and we can show you how it can work for you.
LiveWire Leads
LiveWire Leads

Benefits of PPC for Contractors

There are some key benefits of embracing PPC as a contractor. It ensures you are getting the return on your investment so that your marketing dollars go further.

Better visibility: With a PPC campaign in place, you can show up at the top of search engine result pages. It will make it easier for people looking for your services to find you. Plus, it can give you a competitive edge because of your higher ranking in the search engines.

Fantastic ROI & Leads

PPC is considered one of the best marketing tools because you control how much you pay per click based on the keyword and the position you want. Plus, you can choose to stop a campaign at any time if you have reached your allotted marketing budget.

Greater Control

You're in control of various details with a PPC campaign, including how much you want to spend for each click, for each ad campaign, and even how long you want the campaign to run. If you're tired of overpaying on campaigns that don't work, you're going to love the freedom offered by PPC.

Higher Quality Traffic

By using a major keyword and the Google AdWords platform, you can target the right customers. This allows you to get the placement you need so that you're in front of people who are interested in buying. It allows you to gain customers, not just leads.

More Brand Recognition

With PPC, your ads are going to go in front of your target audience. While not everyone will need your contracting services right now, they will learn more about your brand. As they see your brand more and more, it will lead to recognition. Guess who they will call when they DO need a contractor?

How We Help with PPC Campaigns

We want to help you focus on being a better contractor. In order for you to do what you do best, you need customers. We want to take the burden of having to worry about marketing away from you. With marketing off your plate, you can work with customers while we keep sending them your way with PPC campaigns.

A Team of True Experts

Our specialists will work with you to provide:
- A customized strategy
- Keyword recommendations
- Creative ad copy
- Ad analytics

Keyword recommendations may be one of the most important aspects of a PPC campaign as it controls when your ad will be shown. Keywords are based on what your customers are going to type into a search engine to find you. We'll do the keyword research for you based on not only your target audience but also your competition. It can help you get the desired outcome.

Additionally, we focus on a creative ad copy that includes not only an important message but also one that is well-branded. We also find the perfect graphic to accompany the ad copy.

PPC Isn't Just About a Great Ad

We also focus on a headline. We want people to stop in their tracks when they see your headline. It's all about action words and copy that is industry-specific.

We also have a landing page that accompanies your campaign. This is the page people land on after clicking on your ad. This helps to convert an interested consumer into being a customer. It can have a lead generation form on the page. Plus, the copy on the landing page is just like what's in the ad. It helps to give you the needed branding without confusing your audience.

You'll Always Be Informed

In addition to all of this, we will also provide regular analytics and reporting updates. We don't just sit your ad up and leave. Instead, we will be monitoring and optimizing regularly. It guarantees the best results. Google AdWords is a platform that is always changing based on search engine optimization. Changes and adjustments can help you to get a better return on investment.

With all of this marketing help, you can start to see more customers almost immediately after launching a PPC campaign.

Work with Our Contractor PPC Specialists Today

Gearing up your site to work for you comes down to a choice. Do you want a moneymaker or an empty rest area on the virtual highway? Your website is out there for the world to see.

We hope you'll invest in making it easy to find. That way, you can attract new customers and impress them with your dependable home services. Each price we quote depends on your trade and other important factors.

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