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Not Just Electrical Lead Generation.  Real Digital Marketing.

Many lead generation services run their own websites and send you the leads they get.  Similar to renting a home, you are renting their service.  Once you stop paying, you get put back on the street.  We believe there's a better way at LiveWire Leads.  That's why we put our efforts into growing your brand and building your digital assets.  We treat you like a home owner, not a renter.

So how do we do it?  Simple.  We proactively manage your Google My Business listing to get you outranking competitors when people search for the services you offer.  This means you are growing a strong online presence that will last for months and years.  But the best part is that we don't charge for this work.  You only pay when you get results that grow your bottom line.

It's our unique approach and proven marketing system that aligns our interests with yours.  We're confident we can get you results - while building your brand and online presence at the same time.  You effectively transfer the risk of digital marketing to us.  You get the results we promise or you don't pay.

We Understand the Problem. Here's Your Solution.

Your Pain Points

The Problem
Slow or low growth.
DIY marketing isn't working.
Other companies charge fees without results.
Other companies make you chase low quality shared leads.
Other companies  treat you like a number and are slow to respond.

Your Solution

The Solution
Ready to go.
Proven repeatable system.
You only pay when you get results.
We only send you exclusive qualified leads.
We're here to serve you with full email and phone support.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

  • WOW! I’m so impressed. I’ve forwarded your info to a couple people.
    Business Owner
  • Thanks! Great work! I really do mean GREAT WORK! The service is really good you guys are really on the ball!
    Business Owner
  • I tried out your service on one of my accounts and you’ve already exceeded my expectations! I don’t know how you do it, but you did it.
    Business Owner

Let Us Help Make Your Business a Huge Success Too

Exclusive Electrician Leads That Convert

The electrician industry is a very competitive one. There are not enough quality electrical leads to go around, and most contractors struggle to find reliable lead generation services that actually work.

We know how frustrating it can be when you're spending money on marketing only to see your competitors outrank you. It can feel like an endless cycle of paying more for less return on investment (ROI).

We help you grow your business through effective online marketing tactics that get results with our proven lead generation strategies! Our team has experience in all aspects of digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO). It means we have the expertise needed to provide consistent ROI while also increasing brand awareness for both new and established businesses alike. Plus, there's no monthly fee, and you need to pay per call!

Buy Qualified Electrical Leads - Commercial & Residential

Most electrician leads by any lead generation company are not qualified. Many companies struggle to grow their business because they don't have the right tools in place. They're stuck using outdated methods that are not effective anymore, and they never see any results.

LiveWire Leads has a proprietary system that only sends out the best quality leads to our clients. So you don't have to waste time chasing people that aren't interested in your services.

Our team of marketing experts also works hard on improving your online presence and getting you ranked for relevant keywords. You will be able to grow the business faster than ever before. LiveWire Leads can manage your Google My Business listing so that when people search for services like yours in your service area, they find you on page 1 instead of someone else!

With Live Wire Leads, we can help you find highly qualified prospects and convert them into paying customers at an affordable price!  The next electrician lead is calling you soon.

Our Working Process

Our working process to generate lead sources is quite simple. We don't involve advertising and PPC and work hard to generate organic prospects for you. In this way, your website will rank in Google and search engines for a long time and bring revenue. The following steps can explain our working mechanism:

Claim The Area

The perfect way to generate leads in your region is by filling out our "Claim Your Area" form! We offer a variety of services, so go ahead and enter your business's city. From there, you can select one service from the list that will appeal best to potential customers in need of an electrical service company. All we require on top of this information is an email address or phone number.

GMB Optimization

Want to make your business as easy to find online as possible? Get started with GMB Local services to gain more exposure on the platform. We handle all aspects from setting up the Google My Business page at your location for you so that you can focus on growing and don’t have to worry about managing more electrical leads and potential customers.

You can give us manager-level access to your account for implementing our electrical marketing campaign solutions. If you don't have it, don't worry. We'll create it from scratch for you and update the contact information for success!

Grow Your Business

We're a team of experts in website management for electrical contractors to get you new customers. We offer many services to help you get the most out of your Google My Business page and other internet marketing strategies such as conversion optimization! It'll help you to rank on top of your desired locations and get more reviews!

Also, we'll fix any problems with your page that prevent it from ranking well on search engines. Plus, we offer an ongoing strategy to improve SEO and ensure our clients rank higher than competitors nearby. Let's get started today for increased traffic now!

Why Are LiveWire Leads Better Than The Rest?

Keeping your business website up to date is a huge time suck. You have to do it, but no one wants to spend their free time on email marketing and related growing hacks to get electrical jobs.

Our solution is simple yet powerful. We help you generate more leads by proactively managing your Google My Business listing so that it gets outranking competitors when people search for your services online. This way, you will get an immediate influx of high-quality leads from Google every month without having to do anything yourself! LiveWire Leads are better than other services due to the following reasons when it comes to getting you exclusive electrician leads and potential customers.

Quick ROI

Many businesses are struggling in this highly competitive marketplace. But luckily, there’s something out there with solutions, us! If one of your electrical company goals is increased exposure, then our top-of-the-line services fit perfectly into what you need because we provide both quality and quantity when getting new customers.  Your next electrician lead is here.

Our affordable and effective leads will give you a return on investment of up 10x your electrical company marketing investment, depending on the electrician leads and electrical jobs you get.

High Conversion

We help you identify the right prospects before wasting time and money on unqualified electrical leads that don't have an electrical project. It means that our customers can focus their energy where it matters most, closing more sales! We provide accurate and fresh pre-qualifiers and commercial electrician leads that will give you higher conversion rates for your electrical work business!

Pay Only For Calls

Forget direct mail.  LiveWire Leads provides cost-effective strategies that work to turn a phone calls from actual leads into sales! We believe in earning customers' trust by helping them grow their electrical services business and increasing productivity. You only have to pay for the leads that are a potential customer, not any more than what is required.

Live Wire's lead generation tactics and online advertising are worth it because they help save your electrical contractor business money and increase productivity within your organization. While still providing excellent customer service so customers can trust us in helping them reach their sales goals!

GMB Optimization

The Google My Business page is a great way for electrical contractor businesses of all shapes and sizes to attract customers in their local area. If you don’t have one, we can help! Seeing yourself at the top of search engine results takes time and effort on your part because other listings will pop up. But we'll take care of optimization and marketing materials to provide the best job leads and electrician leads.  You'll be a top local electrician with positive reviews, new leads, and happy customers that can find you on mobile devices in the search results.  Your business name will be above other contractors so you receive leads that convert, and not stale leads. Experienced electricians deserve a lead generation company that delivers with a strong local SEO campaign to get you commercial electrician leads.

You see yourself at the top of search engine results in your area for your electrician service by following our tips on optimizing every profile and electrical business page's settings so that they're easily findable by electrician leads through search engines.

A Proven Electrical Lead Generation System

It's hard to grow your business and get more calls by yourself. You're working hard to get the next electrician job, but you can't seem to get enough electrical projects to get ahead. You've been looking for a way to attract more clients and finally make some money, but you don't know what else to try. Maybe it's time you tried something new?

The truth is that an electrical contractor doesn't have the time or resources to do lead generation themselves. That's where we come in. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you attract qualified leads and convert them into paying customers at a much higher rate than other methods.

At LiveWire Leads, we have helped hundreds of electricians and service professionals like yourself succeed online with our proven lead generation strategies that will help your electrical contractor business grow faster than ever before.  Our lead generation system is for electrician services looking for more electrician jobs that want a dedicated account manager.  Get your next electrician lead quickly - just give us a call to get more local customers and better electrical contractor customer satisfaction.  Electrical professionals are our expertise.

Whether you need leads as a commercial electrician or want us to manage your Google My Business listing, we are here for all of your needs related to getting a new customer base in the door and keeping them coming back again and again!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do Electricians Get Leads?

Getting electrical leads for your electrician business can be a challenge. Many lead generation companies charge high, and you don't know if they are even qualified until you pay them. We have been in the industry for a long time, so we know what works and what doesn't work when generating high-quality leads that convert into clients!

Our team is made up of highly trained marketing experts! It means you get results in getting more electrician leads that grow your electrical services business fast at a price point that won't break the bank.  That's how you get your next exclusive lead as an electrician professional.

How Much Do Electricians Pay for Leads?

Lead pricing is a tricky thing for electrical contractors and service companies. It can be significantly more expensive depending on the type of work and quality factors, but LiveWire Leads has taken away these price considerations with our pay-per-call policy.

How to Get Electrician Leads?

The problem that most electricians face is generating enough leads to keep their businesses thriving.  The next service request is never soon enough. A lead generation company can help you to improve the electrical business name. Not all lead generation companies are created equal, so you might be wondering why you should choose LiveWire Leads over other providers?

We have a proven track record of providing quality leads for our clients,, and we're confident that we can do the same for you! We will manage your Google My Business listing so that it ranks high. It means that more customers will find your business and call on you because of it! Our team specializes in helping local businesses grow using effective online strategies such as managing Google My Business listings.  Get more new customers for your electrician business.


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