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Not Just Auto Fencing Lead Generation.  Real Digital Marketing.

Many lead generation services run their own websites and send you the leads they get.  Similar to renting a home, you are renting their service.  Once you stop paying, you get put back on the street.  We believe there's a better way at LiveWire Leads.  That's why we put our efforts into growing your brand and building your digital assets.  We treat you like a home owner, not a renter.

So how do we do it?  Simple.  We proactively manage your Google My Business listing to get you outranking competitors when people search for the services you offer.  This means you are growing a strong online presence that will last for months and years.  But the best part is that we don't charge for this work.  You only pay when you get results that grow your bottom line.

It's our unique approach and proven marketing system that aligns our interests with yours.  We're confident we can get you results - while building your brand and online presence at the same time.  You effectively transfer the risk of digital marketing to us.  You get the results we promise or you don't pay.

We Understand the Problem. Here's Your Solution.

Your Pain Points

The Problem
Slow or low growth.
DIY marketing isn't working.
Other companies charge fees without results.
Other companies make you chase low quality shared leads.
Other companies  treat you like a number and are slow to respond.

Your Solution

The Solution
Ready to go.
Proven repeatable system.
You only pay when you get results.
We only send you exclusive qualified leads.
We're here to serve you with full email and phone support.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

  • WOW! I’m so impressed. I’ve forwarded your info to a couple people.
    Business Owner
  • Thanks! Great work! I really do mean GREAT WORK! The service is really good you guys are really on the ball!
    Business Owner
  • I tried out your service on one of my accounts and you’ve already exceeded my expectations! I don’t know how you do it, but you did it.
    Business Owner

Let Us Help Make Your Business a Huge Success Too

Get Exclusive Fencing Leads

It's hard to find good leads for fencing businesses, especially if you're targeting both commercial and residential customers. The thing about good leads is that they're not always easy to find. And when you do find them, they tend to be expensive.

Also, you might be relying on the same old methods to generate leads- like print advertising and cold calling. These methods are expensive and outdated for fence contractors.

LiveWire Leads has the solution for fence contractors. We use cutting-edge techniques like Google My Business optimization to get you high-quality leads exclusive to your fence contractor business.

Buy Exclusive Leads For Your Fencing Company

Getting high-quality leads is not easy. Not only is it hard to get good fence installation leads and fence repair leads for fence contractors, but it can also be expensive with you lead generation companies. You could end up wasting a lot of money on ads that don't convert.

Our exclusive fencing leads are generated through our GMB optimization services for fence contractors. We've perfected the art of getting your fencing contractor business in front of the right people, so you can focus on what you do best, fencing.

How Does It Work?

Let us show you each of the steps below so you can understand how we get results and why we are different than most companies.

Step 1: Claim Your Area

This simple step is more difficult than it seems, as many business owners don't know which keywords to target or even what Google My Business settings to use to stand out from the competition.

Also, you need to select the target audience service area. This is a crucial step in the fence installation and fence repair marketing strategy because there's no going back once your area has been claimed.

Step 2: Grant us access to your Google My Business

To increase your fence company local rankings, we need access to your fence installation Google My Business account. This will allow us to track and monitor your progress.

Step 3: We increase your local rankings

The next step is for us to increase your fence contractor local rankings vs other fencing contractors. This will help you to get more leads and conversions from your fencing contractor website.

We optimize your Google My Business page to outrank other fencing companies. This will increase the number of calls you get. We know that businesses with optimized GMB pages rank higher than unoptimized business profiles, which means an increased number of calls coming into your business.

Step 4: You only pay for calls

Once your rankings have been increased, you will see a positive impact on your fence contractor business. In order to monitor the growth of your website ranking and call volume, we'll use Google Search Console to track progress. Once everything looks good, all that's left is for you to simply pay for the number of qualified leads that you receive from us.

When someone searches for "your type of product or service" in your specific service area, you only get charged when they call you for a fence installation or repair.

There's no need to worry about installation fees or contracts. There are no cancellation fees either as long as you stick to our plan and follow our simple rules. The more work we put into increasing your local rankings, the more money you make! This means that there is a lot of motivation on both sides, resulting in better service quality during the work period.

Why Choose LiveWire Leads For Fencing Leads?

We are a lead generation company that specializes in fencing leads. We provide businesses with customers who are interested in purchasing their products and services.

Our team of digital marketing experts has spent years perfecting the sales funnel to generate high-quality fencing leads at scale.  Let us get your next fencing lead.

If you're looking for fencing leads, then look no further. We would love to help you grow your business with our lead generation services.

1) GMB Optimization

We will optimize Google My Business for fencing leads, helping to ensure that customers within your service areas find you first in their search results. This is important for businesses location-based services such as fencing leads because it allows potential customers to contact you more quickly.

2) Pay Per Call Pricing Model

Leads are priced per call versus lead, giving you more bang for your buck: no more hidden costs and monthly fees.

3) Exclusive Leads After SEO

After we have completed the fencing lead SEO for your home improvement projects and fencing website, you will be the only fence business in your market with exclusive leads. These fence installation leads are not available to any other business, giving you a significant advantage over your competition.

4) Excellent Customer Support

We value our lead generation company customers and understand the importance of providing excellent customer support. You can expect to receive help from our team 24/7 via email, chat, or phone.

5) High Conversion And ROI

Our high-quality leads have a high conversion rate and provide a high return on investment (ROI). We are confident that you will be happy with the results that our fencing lead team is able to achieve for your fencing business.

A Proven Lead Generation System

Generating fencing leads can be a real challenge, especially if you're not using the right approach. That's where LiveWire Leads comes in. We are experts at optimizing your GMB listing to attract more commercial and residential fencing leads.

With our exclusive leads after GMB optimization service, you'll get access to high-quality leads that are already interested in the fence installation services you have to offer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you increase your fencing business growth.


How do you get high-quality leads?

High-quality leads are exclusive to Live Wire Leads, meaning they have never been sold before. They come directly from Google searches and are actively searching for relevant keywords like fence installation. Each fencing lead is for you and you only.

What makes you better than the competition?

Our leads are exclusive, meaning no other lead generation companies have them or are even aware of them! Our leads are also more comprehensive. Most competitors only sell phone numbers and email addresses, while we offer leads of people that will contact you after searching your service. We work with all types of businesses across many different industries, and our leads will be highly targeted since they're specific to your fence business type, location, and industry.

Why should I choose your company over the competition?

We're a family-run business that focuses on quality and customer service. We offer high-quality leads at affordable prices as well as awesome discounts for bulk orders. Our customers are our number one priority. We also offer free consultations to new clients so they can learn about fence installation lead generation and decide if it's right for their fence installation business.

What businesses use LiveWire Leads?

There are many types of businesses that use our services. We've worked with contractors, home service providers, dentists, attorneys, realtors, landscapers, and more.

What are fencing leads?

Fencing leads are potential customers or owners of a home who have asked for a quote for fencing installation from a local contractor. They can be found online on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. With the number of people using these websites daily, it's not hard to see why they make sense as a source for generating fencing leads.


If you want to buy exclusive leads for a fencing business, LiveWire Leads is the company for you. We offer high-quality, exclusive leads. If this sounds like something that would help grow your business but aren’t sure how it will work or if it's right for you, give us a call to of our professional customer managers today for further help.

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