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Pay Per Lead Program for Plumbers

Plumbing is a competitive industry, and most plumbers can't make money without leads. Many plumbers in the industry will pay thousands of dollars for online marketing services, only to have them fail. Plumbing contractors may even pay for lead generation services, only to see a disappointing lack of results. Lack of leads for plumbers can lead to reduced income and, in the worst cases, bankruptcy.

But this situation doesn't have to be your fate. With our pay-per-lead program exclusively for plumbers, we can help you get exclusive plumber leads and get on the fast track to success.

What Is Pay-Per-Lead?

Our lead generation for plumbers program is an internet marketing plan that you pay for only after your campaign gets you an exclusive lead. Services such as SEO, web design, and citations cost nothing with our program. Best of all, if your campaign fails to produce leads, you pay nothing.

If your company has endured enough frustration from unsuccessful investments and lack of measurable ROI, pay-per-lead may be the right solution. This type of marketing plan works for plumbers because it offers:

  • Low Risk. Plumbers have less risk because the pressure falls on the marketers. There's an incentive for marketers to perform excellent work. Because they only get paid when they produce results, they earn no money unless the job is successful.
  • Long-term contracts and fixed payments are a thing of the past; you can leave anytime.
  • Excellent Return on Investment. Contractors only pay when prospects show interest, so your marketing campaign will not fail. Negative ROI isn't possible because you pay only for leads.

When you buy plumbing leads through us, you don't pay until the lead is successful. Since we give you the best plumbing leads, you can be sure that you'll get jobs.

We have a simple process: We only follow the lead if the customer shows intent for contact with your company and reveals their referring source. Then, we can deliver those exclusive leads directly to you.

How It Works: Lead Generation for Plumbers

With an arsenal of digital marketing techniques at our fingertips, we can generate exclusive plumbing leads for our clients. We don't just use SEO to develop the best plumbing leads. Although SEO is a good digital marketing technique for plumbing lead generation, it can't be the only tool in the box. Other than SEO, plumbing companies can use web design, NAP citation listings, and social media marketing for lead generation.

Web Design

Most of today's consumers find plumbers with a simple search. Keywords (SEO) can make you go to the top of the search engine results, but you should also make sure your website is well-designed and navigable. Using sites like WIX and Weebly to design websites may be appealing, but you could be missing some key design features that'll make your website outstanding.

Using one of our website designs ensures that you'll have a professional web designer making your site perfect, and you won't have to pay unless it's successful.

Social Media Marketing

As part of our services, we offer social media marketing. We offer marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and YouTube for plumbing companies. We'll help your company establish an online presence throughout the web to generate leads quickly and efficiently.

Citation Listings

Citation listings, like Google My Business, are places that businesses can list their services. It's like a modern-day Yellow Pages, but more accessible via smartphone or computer. Some other examples of these citation listings include the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and Yelp.

We'll ensure that your plumbing company features these NAP (name, address, phone number) citation listings so people can quickly find your business. This visibility will generate the highest quality leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions about generating plumbing leads, and we've got answers. Check out our most frequently asked questions below.

How do I get more plumbing leads?

The process comes down to finding an honest company that uses the best strategies and showcases its clients' results. Quality lead growth is more crucial than quantity, which is why it's essential to find a company that can get you the best quality leads. Our pay-per-lead program will give your company qualified and exclusive leads that we never share or re-sell to your competitors.

What is an exclusive plumbing lead?

Exclusive plumbing leads are consumers directly interested in your company's services and brand. They are different from shared leads, which force you to compete against other plumbing companies to “win” the lead. Exclusive leads are more valuable than shared ones because they convert at higher rates.

How do I promote my plumbing company online?

Promoting your plumbing company online is all about strategy. Using SEO, citation listings like Better Business Bureau and Google My Business, and quality web design will contribute to successful online promotion for your plumbing company. We'll help you get the most professional services for these strategies, and we won't charge until you get the leads you want.

How much do plumbing leads cost?

Plumbing leads generally cost between $30-100, depending on where you buy plumbing leads. However, if you're doing things the traditional way, there's no guarantee that the lead will be successful. When you choose to use our pay-per-lead program, we will provide you with only high-quality opportunities that are likely to turn into jobs. You don't pay until you get the leads you need.

We Only Work with the Best

Our pay-per-lead program is for companies that:

  • Have a great reputation
  • Boast strong online reviews
  • Have been around for at least two years
  • Are ambitious and ready for growth

If this sounds like your plumbing company, and you need help getting leads, our pay-per-lead program is for you.

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