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You deserve full transparency.  Below you'll find our standard plans and pricing.  There are factors that can impact your personalized pricing such as competition, target market, business goals, etc.  We'll provide all the details in your demo upfront.

Lead generation plans engineered to bring you the highest quality leads.

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Transparent All-In Pricing. Nothing Hidden.

Lead Generation

$295 monthly + per lead
$1995 $995 setup
($1000 off for a limited time)
The monthly investment runs for 18 months and then ends.  After 18 months you only pay for exclusive, qualified leads.
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1 target city
1 lead generation website
1 Google My Business
5k words written
200+ business citations
4 social media profiles
Ongoing SEO work
1 YouTube video

Local + Organic SEO

Starts at $1495 monthly
$6995 $4995 setup
($2000 off for a limited time)
Monthly investment and setup are customized to your needs. Setup covers your website build, social media setup/ redesign, and foundational SEO work.
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1 to 10 target cities
1 business website
25 to 250 keywords
10k to 100k words written
1 to 10 YouTube videos
Stock images included
Social media profiles setup
Ongoing SEO work
Ongoing social media work

Targeted PPC

Starts at $2995 monthly
$1995 $995 setup
($1000 off for a limited time)
Monthly investment includes ad budget and is customized to your needs. Can be combined with Lead Generation or Local + Organic SEO for aggressive growth.
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Proven ad campaign setup
1 landing page per city
New ads created regularly
A/B testing for landing page
A/B testing for ads
Ongoing PPC work

Included in All Plans

Lead follow up CRM

We include automated follow up text messages and emails written like they are coming from you to instantly engage your leads and a full sales CRM

Complete lead tracking

You'll know exactly how many leads you are getting through calls, forms & chats. We also scrub out spam if it ever happens so you never pay for bad leads.

Premium hosting

All of our websites and landing pages are built on fast, secure hosting platforms with daily backups. We guarantee 99.9% uptime on your sites and pages.

24/7 live chat option

Want to get the most out of your websites and landing pages? Our team can live chat with your leads to instantly engage them no matter the time of day.

Customer & sales support

We go beyond providing great support for the services you get from us.  We can also help find the leaks in your sales process to maximize your ROI.

Amazing results

We're passionate about providing a results focused growth solution for contractors and home services.  The only way for us to scale is for you to scale first.

Our Guarantee

We Work For You, And Only You

We only accept one client, per niche, per city. This means we'll never work with your direct competitors in the areas we're targeting for your campaign.

You'll Get Exclusive Leads Quickly

You'll start getting exclusive leads within 3 months for SEO and within the first month for PPC, or we won't charge any management fees until you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are qualified leads determined?

Qualified leads are defined as leads that:
1. Have a job available in the area you serve
2. Express interest in your products or services
3. Are not a spammer, telemarketer or somebody looking for a job

How is the price per lead determined?

We have a standard price per lead for every home service.  We start with that and then calculate other factors such as the competition in your area, projected lead volume, your closing ratio and profit margin to arrive at a final price per lead.  This ensures you get a fair deal and we have the resources available to bring you real lead volume.

Are these really exclusive leads for me?

Yes!  We never share or resell leads.  You are the only business getting leads from your campaign.

How long will it take me to start getting leads?

PPC campaigns work quickly so you will typically see leads start to come in within 5 to 14 days.  SEO lead generation can take a few weeks to a few months to see leads coming in but most often provide a greater volume of qualified leads over the long term.

Are you going to work with my competitors?

No! We'll never provide lead generation services to any of your direct competitors as long as we are partnering in growing your company.

How are you able to make lead generation so affordable?

We lease lead generation websites and landing pages to you and send all the leads to you, but maintain ownership.  This allows us to offer lead generation services at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere.

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