Pay For Results Pricing

This isn't a sponsored ad - its real marketing for YOUR business that builds YOUR brand.  No monthly fees.  No hidden fees. No cancellation fees.  No long-term contract. Just sit back and watch the leads roll in. 

Pay for Qualified Phone Calls.

Special promotion for a limited time only.

$1000 $500 initial deposit

Your deposit is credited towards the leads we send you.

Price Per Exclusive Call By Service Category

The table below provides average pricing.  Your price per call may be less or more depending on the competition in your local area.
Service CategoryAverage Price Per Call
Air Duct Cleaning49
Appliance Repair29
Bathroom Remodeling129
Carpet Cleaning49
Door Installation49
Epoxy Flooring79
Foundation Repair79
Garage Doors49
General Contractor99
Home Improvement99
Home Inspection49
Home Remodeling129
Home Security79
House Cleaning49
Junk Removal49
Kitchen Remodeling129
Lawn Care49
Mold Removal149
Pest Control49
Pressure Washing39
Self Storage49
Swimming Pools149
Tile Installation49
Tree Service49
Water Damage Restoration199
Wildlife Removal49
Window Replacement99

Our Promise

You'll Get Exclusive Leads

Performance-based pricing means your interests and our interests are aligned.  We only grow if you grow.

We Work For You, And Only You

We only accept one client, per niche, per local area. This means we never work with your direct competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is this for?

We’re not the best fit for everyone. You should be an established contracting or home services business that has a great reputation and is hungry for growth.  Our marketing system is engineered specifically for the unique needs of these types of businesses.

How do you get my business leads?

We use the power of Google local searches to get you the best leads online.  Our system ranks your Google My Business listing above competitors so people searching for your services call you - instead of the competition.

How long will it take me to start getting leads?

Generally you will see good movement in your local search rankings within 30 days along with leads starting to increase. Your lead volume will continue to increase as your rankings increase. Most of the time we can achieve top rankings within 3 to 6 months. From there we work to continually fend off your competitors also trying to get to the top of search so you keep getting the best leads.

How is the price per lead determined?

We have a standard price per lead for every home service based on the typical competition level.  This ensures you get a fair deal and we have the resources available to bring you real lead volume.

Do you charge for robocalls, telemarketers, existing customers, etc?

No.  You are only charged for leads calling your business.  We automatically filter calls for spam, robocalls, telemarketers, existing customers and other random callers so you do not pay for them.  You can also always contact us if you believe you were charged for a call that you should not have been.

Do you charge for form submission leads?

No.  We do not charge for form submissions, although you will most likely get more leads contacting you through your website from us marketing your business.  This means even more potential revenue for your business.

How are you able to make lead generation so affordable?

We've run campaigns for 100s of businesses like yours. That has allowed us to develop our contractor marketing system that is proven to bring repeatable and sustainable results for clients like you.

Are leads really exclusive to me?

Yes. We never share or resell leads. You are the only business getting leads from your campaign.

Are you going to work with my competitors?

No, We'll never provide lead generation services to any of your direct competitors as long as we are partnering in growing your company.

Why is there an initial deposit to get started?

We’re serious about results and want to make sure the clients we partner with are too. Because we don’t work with competitors, the deposit ensures we are partnering with clients that want real business growth. Your deposit is credited back as we start sending you leads.

Do I need call tracking?

No. We provide call tracking as a standard part of our service.

How do I cancel?

Just contact our support team and let them know you want to cancel. The only requirement is 30 days written notice so we can ensure you have a smooth transition as we wind down your campaign.
More Leads. More Customers. Only Pay For Results.

What We Do

We market your business to send you qualified exclusive leads. No monthly fees. No hidden fees. No cancellation fees. We only work with you - never direct competitors.
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